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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh

Commercial Building Restoration PittsburghOwning commercial real estate takes time and effort to properly maintain, especially if your property is your main source of income.

Floods and leaks have the ability to shut down your business, costing you both time and money that can severely impact your life. 911 Restoration of Pittsburgh is here to limit that time or, hopefully, prevent you from closing altogether.

As soon as you discover a water emergency in your building, you can reach out to the commercial restoration professionals and they will arrive within 45 minutes to begin same day services.

It doesn’t matter what time you need our assistance, the Pittsburgh branch is open 24/7/365 to help you. So, if you are dealing with a water emergency you can call us and know for sure that a staff member will be there to schedule an appointment for a free visual property inspection for property owners.

By administering commercial restoration services, the Pittsburgh technicians hope to repair any water damage, clean out any mold, and restore your business back to its former glory, as soon as possible.

Keeping your business open and running every day is essential to preserving your livelihood. 911 Restoration of Pittsburgh understands this and vows to work diligently to remove any water damage and get your business back up and running again, so call us today.

Emergency Water Removal Services

Commercial Restoration JobMany people who own commercial properties do not visit their building on a regular basis. This can lead to trouble when you can not see first hand what issues are going on inside of your building.

One customer found himself in this type of situation when a pipe burst inside of the duplex he owned. It was currently unoccupied, so there wasn’t even a tenant living on the property to notify him of the water damage.

The broken pipe caused a basement flood inside of the property, leaving him in need of immediate commercial restoration services. As soon as he called the Pittsburgh unit they sprung into action to remediate the flood.

When commercial restoration experts arrived on the scene they began extracting the water with powerful wet vacs and did not stop until every trace of the floodwater was removed. Drying and dehumidifying services were also implemented to prevent any structural damage and mold growth.

At 911 Restoration of Pittsburgh, our highly trained commercial restoration technicians will give you the peace of mind you deserve after a flood has affected your commercial property, so give us a call today!

Water Damage Insurance For Your Commercial Property

Restoration Technician Cleaning After Warehouse FloodingFloods and leaks inside of your commercial property can quickly escalate into a situation where the water damage restoration costs more than can be managed without financial assistance from your insurance company.

Fortunately, most standard insurance policies cover water damage repairs, as long as the insurance company does not determine that the damage was caused due to negligence by the property owner or by outside causes.

If the water damage was created by floodwater from a nearby lake overflowing into your property, then that commercial restoration work may not be covered by your standard policy. For that type of coverage, a separate flood insurance policy would need to be purchased, which typically takes 30 days to kick in from date of purchase.

The commercial restoration staff works with all insurance companies, so you never have to worry about us not taking your insurance. In fact, our specialists provide free insurance consultations and will even file your claim for you. 911 Restoration of Pittsburgh genuinely cares and understands your needs, so call us today!

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