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Water Damage in Pittsburgh

911 Restoration of Pittsburgh

Water and Mold Removal EquipmentLiving in Pittsburgh puts your property at risk of becoming affected by storms, floods, tornadoes, and winds, elements that all have the potential to cause water damage, structural issues, and mold development.

The technicians at 911 Restoration of Pittsburgh are experts in handling all types of water damage and mold issues, but we are also trained in implementing remediation services for damages caused by fire, sewage, and natural disasters.

When water infiltrates your property it is important to get the moisture out of the structure immediately in order to lessen the severity of the damage and prevent subsequent issues. The Pittsburgh staff understands the urgency of these situations, so their office is open 24/7/365 to take your calls.

If you find yourself dealing with an emergency water damage situation then you can call the Pittsburgh technicians and they will be at your doorstep within 45 minutes of receiving your call.

We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout this whole ordeal, and the best way we can make that happen is by showing you how qualified the Pittsburgh professionals are.

By working with our highly trained, IICRC certified technicians you can have peace of mind when you hire us knowing that we are completely qualified to implement water damage restoration services. Along with our certifications, the entire Pittsburgh operation is also licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Implementing fast drying techniques is the only way to ensure your property fully recovers after a house flood or a pipe burst in your business. So, give us a call when you need fire damage restoration, water damage, mold removal, or sewage cleanup in your commercial or residential property and you can count on us to come to the rescue!

Water Damage Restoration

Businesses and homes can become flooded when heavy storms and tornadoes pass through the city, but water damage can also be created by internal problems such as pipe bursts and toilet overflows.

The water damage restoration professionals in Pittsburgh are available to provide you with flood cleanup services around the clock.

Frozen Pipes and Flooded Basements

water-damage-restoration-commercial-building-cleanup-extractionAs a a property owner in Pittsburgh, it is important to be aware of the signs of frozen pipes during the cold winter months. Frozen pipes can cause serious damage to a property that would result in the need for costly water damage restoration services. Knowing the signs of a potential frozen pipe may help save you from emergency disasters like a flooded basement.

Signs that your property may have a frozen pipe include:

  • Lack of water. If there is little to no water coming out when a faucet is turned on, the pipe leading to the faucet may be frozen.
  • Smelly odors. A frozen pipe can put off odors due to being partially or completely blocked. When a pipe is blocked, there is only way for everything to come out of the drain which would be back into the property.
  • Low Temperatures. Pipes can only freeze under low temperatures. For example, pipes would not freeze in sixty degree weather. However, if the temperature is in the thirties or lower, it is best to take precautions that will help prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Actual signs of frost. Some pipes that are visible may actually have frost on the outside of them. This is a tell tale sign that your pipe has frozen and it is time to call the experts.

Frozen pipes should receive attention as quickly as possible. Typically, pipes in attics or basements tend to freeze most often due to the lack of heat they receive. Without receiving water damage restoration services, property owners run the risk of their Pittsburgh property’s basement flooding. The longer the frozen pipe sits, the more the pressure can build up which will eventually cause the pipe to explode and a flooded basement.

By offering you these basement flood emergency services, you can stay calm during a potentially chaotic time knowing that you have the most competent technicians in Pittsburgh working for you.

Drying out a basement after a flood is extremely important if you want to prevent issues from arising that can influence the structure of your property, such as rot and mold.

Call the water damage restoration unit when you need carpet removed from the basement due to water damage, flooding, or leak issues and the Pittsburgh technicians will do whatever they can to make your property look better than new.

Mold Removal

When property owners reach out to us for mold removal services, more likely than not, when the mold removal professionals arrive on the scene they end up discovering water damage.

Unmitigated water damage is the leading cause of indoor mold infestations, especially when that water damage is found in dark, warm places, such as inside of attics, behind walls, underneath floorboards, and in basements.

Within 24-48 hours of being exposed to moisture, mold can start to grow, which is why it is so important to keep the inside of your property as dry as possible at all times.

However, due to the rate at which mold and fungi can grow, even property owners who diligently take care of their home and business may find themselves in need of mold removal services.

The professionals in Pittsburgh are able to implement both water damage restoration and mold removal services, making us the only remediation company you need to hire to take care of all your needs, so call us today.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage RemovalWater damage can present itself in many forms, with sewage being one of them. Sewage is also known as black water, due to the high levels of bacteria, biohazards, chemicals, and other harmful toxins.

The water damage restoration professionals are constantly ready to spring into action to provide sewer flood cleanup services, so you never have to attempt a DIY cleanup on your own.

Since the nature of sewage is highly toxic, the water damage restoration unit wants you to stay away from the black water and call us immediately after the sewage spill occurs.

Keeping you safe is our main priority, so when you hire the Pittsburgh agents you can be sure that we will handle the situation with the utmost care. We wear the proper safety gear and implement sewage cleanup techniques that decontaminate the area and remove the foul odor.

Similar to water damage, sewage overflows need to be addressed to prevent mold from growing. There are usually mold spores present in the sewage, so when they are left to sit on your property they can easily begin to infest the area.

Call the Pittsburgh water damage repair team when sewage invades your home or business and let us get your property looking shiny and new again.

Fire Damage Restoration

The amount of destruction caused by a property fire can be overwhelming, to say the least, which is why it is so important to hire a company that can provide you with complete fire damage restoration services.

A fire can leave your property filled with smoke, ash, soot, and water damage. All four of these elements can leave stains and foul odors that can destroy both property’s structure and the possessions inside of it.

Most people who are in need of fire damage restoration services are surprised at the amount of water damage restoration that is also required to fully repair the property. This is important because water damage can easily become an issue that requires mold removal if it is left to sit inside the structure for more than a few days.

Gallons upon gallons of water needs to be sprayed into the burning structure in order to properly put out the flames, leaving the property completely flooded. The fire damage restoration techs are trained to address fire, water damage, and mold, so you won’t have to hire anyone else during the remediation process.

Call the fire damage restoration experts as soon as the fire department leaves your property and we will be the second responders that make your home beautiful again.

Disaster Restoration

Labeling an incident as a disaster can mean different things to different people. There are natural disasters such as tornadoes and flash floods or man-made disasters may include pipe bursts and kitchen fires.

Despite the type of disaster you may encounter, the technicians in Pittsburgh are prepared to provide you with the water damage restoration, mold removal, or fire damage restoration services required completely repair your property.

Tornadoes are the main disaster that property owners need to worry about in Pittsburgh. They have the potential to rip the roof off of a home, flood an entire business, and throw debris through windows.

Even though mold may not be considered a disaster, flooding and water damage can lead to fungi, requiring mold removal to be part of the remediation regiment that our fire damage restoration agents employ.

Whether you need fire damage restoration, water extractions, or mold removal, you can count on us to provide you with the care and attention that you need.

The repair techs have the knowledge and training needed to take care of any damage that may befall upon your home or business, so call 911 Restoration of Pittsburgh and they will show you that it is possible to turn a disaster into a fresh start.

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